Young Adult Meeting

Sinapis is a meeting for young adults, centered on the gospel for the following Sunday. The meeting is structured in a manner resembling Lectio Divina. We meet every Wednesday at 5 pm at Katarinahjemmet. The duration of the meeting is 50 min and all are welcome for vesper at 6 pm in the chapel. The meeting is structured as follows:

–10 min (welcome, lay down routine and enter into prayer);
–10 min (gospel is read out loud twice, words/phrases echoed after the time);
–5 min (presentation of context for the text);
–20 min (sharing what the gospel speaks to each of us. Sharing is voluntary. It is encouraged not to make inappropriate comments, argue or try to correct what is being shared, so that it will be easier for everyone to share without hesitation);
–5 min (wind up with prayer).

Time and Place: Wednesday 5 pm, Katarinahjemmet (Gjørstads gate 9, 0367 Oslo)

Contact person: Sheeba Jem (